Our Team

We are the small team of Georgetown students that make up The Footnote.

Krystel von Kumberg


Krystel von Kumberg is studying Global, International, and Comparative History and graduated from the Security Studies Program at Georgetown in 2020. She specializes in the roles of non-state actors; militarized social movements, terrorists, and militias in Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. Her research focuses on the Cold War, the history of transnational terrorism, recruitment methods, and radicalization. 

Email me: av760@georgetown.edu

Joshua Downes

Administrative Director

Joshua Downes is currently a graduate student at Georgetown University. He is currently pursuing both a M.S. in Foreign Service and a M.A. in Global, International and Comparative History. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to studying at Georgetown, Josh served eight years in the United States Army. Josh’s research interests focus on 19th and 20th century US foreign policy in Asia, European colonial history, and 19th century military reform and innovation.  

Email me: jrd157@georgetown.edu

Rosie Click

Director of Digital Content

Rosie Click is a first-year PhD student in the History Department at Georgetown University, advised by Dr. Bryan McCann. She received an MA in Latin American Studies from Tulane University in May 2022. Her work explores US-Latin American and US-Caribbean relations, particularly through the lenses of power and tourism. She is also interested in public history, museum studies, and academic editing.

Email me: vrc10@georgetown.edu

Sareena Dubey

Social Media Director

Sareena Dubey is an M.A. student in the Global, International, and Comparative History program. Her focus is on long-term immigrant settlements in the West originating from South and Southeast Asia.  Her research specifically explores the resulting cultural practices, intra-ethnic hierarchies, social movements, and outside interventions on and within these communities. In her free time she enjoys collecting records, and cuddling with her dachshund called Disco.

Email me: sd1395@georgetown.edu

Zhenhao (Oscar) Yu

Digital Content Assistant

Zhenhao (Oscar) Yu is a first-year master’s student in the Global, International, and Comparative History program. His research interests involve pre-modern East Asian science and ideas, particularly maritime trade routes, printing techniques, and scholar networks. As part of his research, Oscar is also learning how to apply digital humanities.

Email me: zy241@georgetown.edu

Casey Donahue

The Footnote’s Founder

Casey holds masters degrees in History and Foreign Service from Georgetown, where he studied peace processes, youth history education, and sociopolitical movements in the Atlantic and Middle Eastern spaces. Casey is a former classroom teacher, political risk analyst, and elementary school tutor. He hopes to build a career as a public historian, educator, and peacebuilder.

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